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July 16, 2023 7 min read

michelin star restaurants marbella

As an experienced luxury real estate professional in Marbella, I am privileged to cater to discerning clients whose tastes extend beyond elegant villas and into the vibrant tapestry of lifestyle experiences our city offers. A pivotal part of this rich tapestry is our esteemed gastronomic landscape, which is renowned for its diverse flavours and world-class establishments. To that end, I've embarked on a personal journey to delve into Marbella's culinary world, familiarising myself with the unique tastes, textures, and narratives that define our food culture. This dedication has culminated in this comprehensive guide, meticulously crafted to illuminate the constellation of Michelin Star restaurants in Marbella. Specifically, Marbella proudly hosts four esteemed establishments, each possessing at least one star awarded by the prestigious Michelin Guide - a true testament to our city's culinary prowess and global appeal.



michelin star restaurants marbella ◼️ 1. Skina

marbella michelin star restaurants ◼️ 2. Messina

3 michelin star restaurants marbella ◼️ 3. Nintai

michelin star restaurants in marbella ◼️ 4. El Lago

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Skina ★★


Located in the charming old town of Marbella, Skina is a two-star Michelin restaurant that epitomises the exceptional standards of Spanish haute cuisine. Its intimate setting, coupled with an innovative menu, presents a culinary experience that has been captivating patrons since its inception in 2004.

marbella michelin star restaurants

Skina's menu is the brainchild of the talented Chef Marcos Granda. A native of Asturias, Granda has travelled extensively, accumulating culinary experiences that have influenced his approach to food. He takes inspiration from his roots, while integrating modern cooking techniques learned throughout his international experiences.

Despite the compact size of Skina, often referred to as the smallest restaurant in Spain with two Michelin stars, it boasts a menu that is nothing short of extraordinary. The dishes are crafted from locally sourced ingredients, a testament to Granda's commitment to sustainability and the celebration of regional produce. From the sea and mountains of Andalusia, to the fruits and vegetables grown in the fertile lands of the region, every dish tells a story of place.

Skina’s tasting menu, a standout offering, takes diners on a culinary journey through the flavours of Andalusia. Its line-up changes seasonally to highlight the best produce available, ensuring that each visit to Skina is unique. Expect innovative dishes that challenge and surprise, yet remain deeply rooted in the traditional flavours of the region.

The wine selection at Skina is equally impressive. Featuring a comprehensive array of Spanish wines, as well as a selection of international labels, Skina's wine list is designed to complement the flavours of the dishes. There's a focus on local wines, particularly those from the regions of Jerez and Málaga, but the list also extends to include labels from the wider world of wine.

The atmosphere at Skina is intimate and welcoming. The decor is elegantly simple, offering a modern, chic setting that lets the food shine. Service is warm, professional, and highly attentive, matching the high standards set by the cuisine.

Skina's success is well-documented. In addition to its two Michelin stars, it has received glowing reviews from national and international critics, testament to the restaurant's constant quest for excellence.

In conclusion, Skina offers a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary culinary artistry. It celebrates the rich bounty of Andalusia while adding its own innovative touch, presenting an unforgettable gastronomic experience in the heart of Marbella. A visit to Skina is an essential component of the Marbella luxury experience, perfect for those who appreciate the finest culinary pleasures.


Messina ★


Nestled in the heart of the bustling city of Marbella, Messina is a beacon of innovation in the culinary scene, proudly holding one Michelin Star. The restaurant, under the leadership of Argentinean Chef Mauricio Giovanini and his wife, Pia Ninci, presents a dynamic fusion of Andalusian and Argentinean flavours that is both vibrant and compelling.

michelin star restaurants in marbella

Messina’s approach to cuisine can best be described as inventive and dynamic. Mauricio Giovanini, with his vast culinary experience and personal connection to the flavours of Argentina, offers a menu that seamlessly marries tradition with avant-garde culinary techniques. His style doesn't shy away from experimenting with flavours and textures, resulting in a menu that promises to engage all senses.

The menu at Messina changes seasonally, a testament to the team's commitment to the freshest ingredients. Local produce, hand-picked for their quality, becomes the star of each dish, whether it's seafood harvested from the Mediterranean, meat from the Andalusian mountains, or vegetables from local organic farms.

A standout offering is their tasting menu, which features a selection of dishes that encapsulates Messina's culinary philosophy. From innovative seafood dishes to inventive meat creations, each course is a delicious surprise that pays homage to the culinary traditions of two continents.

Complementing the food is an extensive wine list curated by Pia Ninci, who is also the sommelier. She ensures the wines harmoniously pair with the dishes, enhancing the flavours and completing the dining experience. The wine list features a comprehensive selection of Spanish labels, with a notable presence of Argentinean wines, reflecting the dual influences of Messina's cuisine.

Messina offers a contemporary, stylish atmosphere that mirrors its innovative culinary approach. The interior is minimalistic yet warm, with clean lines, a muted colour palette, and an open kitchen that allows diners to witness the culinary magic unfolding.

In short, Messina is not just a restaurant, but a gastronomic experience that takes diners on a culinary journey between Andalusia and Argentina. It is a testament to the vibrancy of Marbella's food scene and a must-visit for anyone seeking an exceptional dining experience in the city. Whether you're a seasoned gourmand or simply a lover of fine food, a visit to Messina promises an unforgettable voyage of flavours and textures.


Nintai ★


Embarking on a culinary journey from the Spanish coast to the Land of the Rising Sun, Nintai is a one-star Michelin restaurant in Marbella that brilliantly marries Japanese culinary art with the freshness of Mediterranean produce.

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The beating heart of Nintai is its team of skilled chefs who bring traditional Japanese flavours to life with a touch of local influence. The meticulousness of their craft is evident in each dish served, as they consistently strive for a seamless blend of authenticity and creativity. The result is a menu that is diverse and dynamic, honouring the essence of Japanese cuisine while embracing the locality of Marbella.

Nintai's standout offering is its Sushi and Sashimi selection. With a variety of classic and innovative rolls, alongside an array of fresh sashimi, Nintai showcases the bounty of the sea in the most traditional Japanese fashion. However, the menu isn't limited to seafood alone. There's also an array of meat and vegetable-based dishes, offering something for everyone.

Further elevating the dining experience, Nintai offers an Omakase menu - a staple in Japanese dining where the selection of dishes is left to the chef's discretion. This culinary journey, curated to represent the best that Nintai has to offer, when paired with sake from their comprehensive list or a choice from the international wine selection, transforms a meal into an engaging sensory experience.

The Michelin star shines not just in the food but also in the dining environment at Nintai. The interior, adhering to the principles of Japanese minimalist design, provides a serene and elegant backdrop to the gastronomic journey. The open kitchen serves as a stage for the chefs, offering diners a glimpse into the careful preparation of their meals.

In conclusion, Nintai, with its Michelin star, offers an authentic Japanese dining experience right in the heart of Marbella. Its commitment to quality, tradition, and a unique dining experience has made it a vital player in Marbella's thriving gastronomic scene. Whether you're a lover of Japanese cuisine or a culinary adventurer, a visit to Nintai promises an unforgettable encounter with the delicate, intricate flavours of Japan.


El Lago ★


El Lago, a jewel in Marbella's culinary crown, is an enchanting one-star Michelin restaurant that pays tribute to the rich flavours of Andalusia. Set against the idyllic backdrop of the Greenlife golf course, with its tranquil lake, El Lago offers more than just a meal – it provides a holistic gastronomic experience steeped in the natural beauty and culinary traditions of the region.

michelin star restaurants marbella spain

Headed by Chef Paco García, El Lago's menu is a love letter to Andalusia's diverse gastronomy. The team showcases the freshest local produce, meat, and seafood, which form the basis of their inventive dishes. At El Lago, the philosophy is simple: take the best of what the region offers and elevate it into a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression.

The menu changes with the seasons, ensuring that every dish highlights the most flavourful and fresh ingredients available. Whether it's fish from the Mediterranean, organic vegetables from nearby farms, or meat from local ranches, every dish at El Lago is a celebration of Andalusian terroir. The result is a unique culinary journey that respects tradition while embracing innovation.

For those seeking an immersive dining experience, El Lago offers a tasting menu that beautifully showcases the essence of the restaurant. Carefully curated by Chef Paco García, the menu brings together a series of dishes that reflect El Lago's culinary vision. Paired with an exceptional selection of wines, it's a journey of tastes and textures that truly honours the gastronomic spirit of Andalusia.

The dining room of El Lago perfectly complements the culinary experience. With its panoramic windows overlooking the serene lake and golf course, the setting is as much a feast for the eyes as the food is for the palate. The interior is stylish yet comfortable, creating a welcoming atmosphere that invites diners to relax and enjoy their meal.

In conclusion, El Lago offers a truly unique dining experience in Marbella. With its Michelin star, a location that is as serene as it is beautiful, and a menu that celebrates the very best of Andalusian produce, it's a testament to the city's flourishing gastronomic scene. Whether you're a resident, a visitor, or someone considering making Marbella your home, dining at El Lago promises to be a culinary highlight you won't soon forget.



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