3 Apartments Available: Already Decorated / Furnished

The three available apartments for sale at 9 Lions Residences Marbella are not just spaces but exquisitely furnished homes, radiating quality and elegance. Every piece of furniture and decor has been thoughtfully chosen, ensuring that you can move in immediately and start enjoying the luxury that awaits.


Immediate Viewing Available

If you're keen on exploring the properties for sale in greater detail, I have good news for you. The keys are at my fingertips, ready for immediate viewing. Don't miss the opportunity to witness the luxury and charm of these residences firsthand. A personal tour provides a tangible sense of the environment and can be arranged at your earliest convenience.


Speaking Your Language

Clear communication is essential in making informed decisions. My team and I are fluent in a range of languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, and Polish. We strive to ensure that our clients feel understood, regardless of their linguistic background, throughout their property journey.


Nine Lions Residences: The Alternatives

While the apartments available for sale at 9 Lions Marbella are undoubtedly magnificent, it's essential to recognise that luxury in Marbella is not confined to just one residence. I provide you with exclusive access to ALL the luxurious apartments in Marbella and its surroundings. To ensure you never miss out on a prime opportunity, I share the latest updates, including videos, current price lists, and other pertinent information, on my dedicated Instagram channel. I recommend following the broadcast channel here to keep abreast of the most elite properties Marbella has to offer. It's not just about a residence; it's about finding a home that resonates with your vision of luxury and exclusivity. A Personal Note to You

You might have come across, the developer's official website. However, it's vital to understand that this site has long been outdated. For the latest, real-time updates on 9 Lions Marbella, the website you're currently on stands unmatched. This is the only portal in Marbella that refreshes its content every minute, ensuring you always have the most accurate view of the apartments available for sale in this stunning gated community. Simply put, if you're seeking the pulse of luxury property offerings at Nine Lions Marbella, you're in the right place.